A Plain White Office Bursts Into Bloom

June 11, 2017

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Paperwork at the kitchen table wasn’t cutting it anymore for this real estate professional. She wanted – and needed – a spot in her home that could be a permanent office. She turned to designer Lisa Batson Goldberg to make her home office a reality and get her work out of the kitchen.


Summer Squall wallpaper in ‘Midnight Blue’: Ellie Cashman Design


Home Office at a Glance
Who works here: Heather Hadden, a real estate professional
Location: Upper Village, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Size: 8.8 square metres
Designer: Lisa Batson Goldberg, interior designer at LBG Interiors

Homeowner Heather Hadden showed Batson Goldberg a small, all-white bedroom that could be transformed into a luxe home office. She needed a desk and a cosy chair, but left the rest of the decisions up to the designer. “She just wanted me to take control,” Batson Goldberg says. 

This allowed the designer to do one of her favourite things: source a unique wallpaper. As soon as she saw this dark, floral paper, she knew it fit her client’s personality and would make a statement in the small room. 

“The dark colours and floral instantly make it feel cosy and warm,” she says. “I showed it to her and she fell in love with it.”


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Batson Goldberg decided to cover the walls to the left and right of the door with the wallpaper to add depth and symmetry to the room. She didn’t want to make the wall with the window a focal point. “The window isn’t centred,” she says. “It wouldn’t have been pleasing to the eye, so I knew I couldn’t do that wall.”

After the wallpaper decisions were made, she laid out the furnishings in her mind. Because the space is small, the layout options were limited. The desk naturally fit on the wall to the left, Batson Goldberg says, followed by a cosy sitting area in the corner near the window.


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Even though the client deals with a tonne of paperwork, her desk remains clear and calm. Batson Goldberg helped her achieve this by keeping the desktop accessories to a minimum, choosing furniture with simple lines and adding shelves to the nearby closet.


Hadden wanted a chair where she could curl up and take a break from work. Batson Goldberg loved the jewel tone and soft fabric of this velvet piece. The long pillows on the inside provide extra cushioning, she says. 

Hadden didn’t want to rip up the carpet, so Batson Goldberg added a fuzzy rug to soften the look and feel of the floor. “The second you walk on it, it’s instantaneously relaxing,” she says. “I also love how it cascades around the chair”....


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